Graduate Courses in Sociology



Enrollment of Regular Students:
The regular student must check the initial date of the enrollment period in the FFLCH general calendar at the FFLCH Graduate Service website. 

 Types of Enrollment
    There are two types of enrollment available for students during the pre-enrollment period:

1. Enrollment in disciplines: in the case of first-year students (newcomers)
Newcomers should only enroll in disciplines, as the Graduate Service of the FFLCH is responsible for enrolling students in the course.
 Enrollment in disciplines is a necessary requirement for completing credits and subsequent completion of the Qualification Exam.
2. Follow-up enrollments: for students who have already completed the mandatory credits, and serves to ensure adherence to study plans
If the follow-up registration is not performed for two consecutive semesters, the student will be automatically disconnected from the PPGS.

Registration in the Janus Online Platform (for bureaucratic issues related to the USP Graduate courses)

Janus is the USP online platform for managing the University’s Graduate courses. Every regular student has access to this website. In it, the student will be able to issue an Enrollment Statement, request their USP card as well as their access ticket to the USP bus line (the so-called BUSP), and track their academic life (deadlines, grades, etc.).

The PPGS Secretariat will provide an USP number for all newcomer students, a necessary condition for registering in the Janus.

Below are the other necessary requirements for students to register in the Janus and enroll themselves in disciplines:
1) Go to the website;
2) Click on “Primeiro acesso”;
3) “Usuário” is the student’s USP number;
4) Enter the requested information. The password will be sent to the registered email address;
5) An USP email address is required for the student to receive all USP institutional messages;
6) After the first access, the student may then perform “Matrícula em disciplinas” on the field “Matrícula”, under item “Pré-matrícula”.

The disciplines “Project Analysis” and “Classical Sociology” or “Contemporary Sociology” are mandatory.
In the first semester, the student must enroll in the discipline “Project Analysis”. Depending on the number of first-year students, there may be more than one class for this discipline. 
The disciplines “Classical Sociology” or “Contemporary Sociology” may be attended in the 1st semester after entry, together with the discipline “Project Analysis”, or in the 2nd semester after entry. If desired, and the advisor accepts, the student may enroll in both “Classical Sociology” and “Contemporary Sociology”.
Aside these mandatory disciplines, the PPGS also offers a wide range of optional disciplines.

► Complementary Activities
Students enrolled in the PPGS are required to attend the common mandatory complementary activities and events offered by the PPGS in the form of lectures, conferences, and thematic seminars.
► Doctoral students as well as Master's students must complete 8h (eight hours) of such activities per semester (8h/semester). Students enrolled in the Master's course must complete the activities by the end of the 3rd semester, whereas students enrolled in the Doctorate course must complete them by the end of the 4th semester.
► Until the Qualification Exam, students must have completed 8 h/semester of such activities or they will not be able to qualify.
► From the total of 8h/semester, at least 4h/semester must be completed in activities belonging to the Sociology Department, PPGS, and/or FFLCH and, at most, 4h/semester in activities not offered by the Department, PPGS, and/or FFLCH.
► Activities formally valid as “hours” include all events of the Sociology Department posted on its website, in addition to events promoted by the PPGS and/or FFLCH.
► Only events promoted by the Sociology Department will have an official PPGS attendance list, allowing the student to input the corresponding workhours. In the case of other FFLCH events, students must present: a) a copy of the attendance list signed by them and authenticated by the secretary of the respective department promoting the event; OR b) a participation certificate with the corresponding workhours.
► If the PPGS official list is not available for signing when attending events promoted by the PPGS and/or the Department of Sociology, students should: a) improvise an attendance list signed by the PPGS teacher organizing the event; OR b) hand over a copy of the participation certificate; OR c) the PPGS teacher organizing the event should send an email to attesting the participation of the respective students.

► Important Additional Information
► The FFLCH Graduate Service is located in the FFLCH Administration Building: Rua do Lago, 717, room 118.
► Enrolled student may use the Graduate Student Room located on the 1st floor of the FFLCH Philosophy and Social Sciences Building: Avenida Prof. Luciano Gualberto, 315, room 120B. The use of the room by unregistered persons is strictly prohibited. Users must enter one at a time, perform the biometric reading, and close the door. Under no circumstances may the room be used with the door open. All biometric readings taken by the device are recorded.
► All students should read every item on the link “Informações aos Alunos” on the PPGS website. 
► All PPGS students are required to have a Lattes Curriculum and keep it constantly updated (see
► To systematize their academic works, students may access the corresponding link on the Florestan Fernandes Library website by clicking here.
► In partnership with the USP Office of Graduate Studies, the staff from the USP Graduate Secretariat of the Physics Institute prepared a few 15-minute Video Classes concerning the USP Graduation. The classes hope to present and clarify any doubts that first-year students, senior students, among others may have about the Doctorate and Master’s courses, the Janus, on how to write and develop dissertations and theses, and their expectations about the USP Graduate programs with regards to the conduct of its graduate students.
► For further information on the USP student ID card, the USP e-mail, bus access to USP (BUSP), and registering yourself and your dependents for the University Hospital, see <…;
► To apply for a school pass, see <;
► For further information regarding available assistance services and the necessary procedures, regular students may see the FFLCH Medical Services and Departments


Enrollment of Graduate Students from the São Paulo State University (UNESP) or the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP):
► Registration and Enrollment
    The registration and enrollment of Graduate students from UNESP and UNICAMP should be done directly in the respective Programs offering the discipline.

► Required Documentation (in pdf)
Enrollment Application
2) Copy of the R.G. (or R.N.E., for foreigners);
3) Copy of the Undergraduate Diploma (or Certificate if the student does not yet have the diploma);
4) Declaration of Enrollment in the UNESP or UNICAMP Graduate Program.
► Applications must be sent by email only.
► The documentation in pdf format should be sent to the following email:
► The subject area of the email should include: “Special Student Enrollment – SOCIOLOGY.” 


Enrollment of Special Students: 
“USP Graduate Regiment 
Article 54 – Special students with no institutional ties to any USP Graduate Program and enrolled in single disciplines.
§ 1º – Special students will receive an approval certificate for the attended discipline(s) issued by the Graduate Commission (CPG).
§ 2º – The Program Coordinating Committee (CCP) must approve the admission of the special student after hearing from the teacher responsible for the discipline.
Article 55 – According to the CCP, undergraduate students at USP may enroll in Graduate disciplines, under the condition of special students.”

► Registration and Enrollment 
    The registration and enrollment of special students must be done directly in the Program that offers the discipline.

► Required Documentation (in pdf)
Enrollment Application;
2) Curriculum Lattes or CV;
3) Copy of the R.G. (or R.N.E., for foreigners);
4) Copy of the Undergraduate Academic Record;
5) Copy of the Undergraduate Diploma (or Certificate if the student does not yet have the diploma);
6) Candidates who have already completed a Master's Degree may optionally add copies of the Master's Academic Record and Diploma;
7) Letter (maximum 1 page) addressed to the teacher responsible, explaining your choice for that discipline; 
8) Proof of payment of the registration fee of R$ 80.00 (to print the payment slip click here).
► SCHEDULED PAYMENTS will NOT be accepted.
► Applications must be sent by email only.
The documentation in pdf format should be sent to the following email: 
► The subject area of the email should include: “Special Student Enrollment – SOCIOLOGY.”