Graduate Courses in Sociology

Current Graduate Courses
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Mandatory Courses: 

Master’s Degree
Students in the Master’s program must complete a minimum of 16 (sixteen) obligatory credits in the following disciplines regularly offered by PPGS:
FLS 5122 – Project Analysis I (8 credits);
► And one of two theory disciplines: FLS 5128 - Order and Disorder in Classical Sociology (8 credits); or FLS 5134 - Modern and Contemporary Sociological Theory (8 credits) 

 Doctoral Degree
Students in the Doctoral and Direct Doctoral programs must complete a minimum of 16 (sixteen) mandatory credits in the following disciplines regularly offered by the Program:
FLS 5123 – Project Analysis II (8 credits);
And one of the following theory disciplines: FLS 5128- Order and Disorder in Classical Sociology (8 credits); or FLS 5134 - Modern and Contemporary Sociological Theory (8 credits)

Optional Courses (for Master and Doctoral Students):
FLS 5071 - Special Topics in the Sociology of Work
FLS 5079 - Work: intimacy, emotions and morals
FLS 5080 - The Social Theory of William Thomas and the Chicago School of Sociology
FLS 5085 - Documentary Cinema under Analysis: The Construction of Societies as Images
FLS5088 - Classical and Contemporary Sociology: Topics
FLS 5092 - Work, Trade Unions and Globalization
FLS 5096 - Power, Punishment and Social Control: Readings of Contemporary Social Theory
FLS 5100 - Sociology of Culture: Theories, Interpretations, Reconstructions
FLS 5102 - Work and City: Contemporary Debates
FLS 5103 - Sociology of Afro-Brazilian Religions
FLS 5109 - Modern and Contemporary Sociological Theory
FLS 5130 - Georg Simmel - Philosophy of Money
FLS 5134 - Modern and Contemporary Sociological Theory
FLS 5147 - Sociology of Space
FLS 5157 - Development, Public Policies for Science and Institutions, Technology and Innovation
FLS 5160 - Religion, Secularization, and Laity
FLS 5164 - Systems Theory and Social Criticism
FLS 5166 - The Sociology of Émile Durkheim
FLS 5168 - Political Sociology
FLS 5169 - Critical Theory
FLS 5170 - Protests in the 21st Century: Organization, Tactics, and Meanings
FLS 5171 - Work in the Global South
FLS 5172 - Genealogy of the Means of Intellectual Engagement: May ‘68 and the French Thought of the 1970s
FLS 5173 - Brazil: Racialization and Racial Formation in Class Societies
FLS 5174 - Gender and Work. National Challenges and International Debates
FLS 5175 - Sociology and Everyday Life
FLS 5176 - Work, Trade Union, and Social Change
FLS 5177 - Special Topics in Contemporary Sociology
FLS 5178 - Power, Governability, and Subjectivity
FLS 5179 - The Concept of History. Reading Walter Benjamin Today
FLS 5180 - Morality and Intersectionality in Social Markers
FLS 5181 - Class Structure and Social Stratification: Inequality, Culture, and Politics
FLS 5182 - Strategic Reason and Social Theory
FLS 5183 - Money
FLS 5184 - Tourist Mobility, Transnational Migration, and the City: Introduction to the “Mobilities Turn” in Social Theory
FLS 5555 - Race Relations and Inequalities in Brazil: Readings and Actors
FLS 5557 - Digital Sociology
FLS 5558 - Sociology of Literature
FLS 5559 - Advanced Readings in the Sociology of Markets
FLS 5560 - Quantification: Social Studies in the Production and Use of Numbers
FLS 5561 - Digital Sociology, Artificial Intelligence and Social Impacts
FLS 5562 - The sociology of ignorance and knowledge: an introduction
FLS 5563 - Neoliberalism – theory, history and topicality of a project
FLS 5564 - Sociology of Social Movements
FLS 5565 - Advanced Reading in Social Formations: nation, class, gender and race
FLS 5567 - Sociology of interaction: Erving Goffman and Ethnomethodology
FLS 5568 - Sociology of Gastronomy

FLS 5569 - Sociology and Psychoanalysis: Cross Stories and Critical CurrentFLS 5570 - Work, Gender and Care: New Perspectives
FLS 5570 - Trabalho, Gênero e Cuidado: Novas Perspectivas
FLS 5572 - Development in Brazil and Social Impact
FLS 5573 - Sociology of Space and Time
FLS 5574 - Economy and Society
FLS 5575 - Programmed Society: Artificial Intelligence, Work and Inequalities
FLS 5576 - Challenges for Science and Technology Policy in Developing Countries
FLS 5577 - Brazilian Sociology of Unionism
FLS 5578 - Critique of Neoliberal Reason
FLS 5579 - The Spanish Counterculture of La Movida and its Parallels with Besteirol and Tropicália
FLS 5580 - From the Sociology of Scientific Knowledge to Science and Technology Studies: Controversies about Representation, Constructivism and New Materialisms
FLS 5581 - Affirmative Actions in Graduate Studies: Formulation, Implementation and Challenges of Public Policies
FLS 5582 - Sociology of Culture: Objects and Perspectives of Analysis
FLS 5583 - Karl Marx and Marxisms
FLS 5584 - Care, Repair, Heal - Caring, Repairing, Healing: New Concepts for Sustainable Urbanism
FLS 5585 - Authoritarianism and Digital Communication: Theoretical and Empirical Approaches
FLS 5586 - Elements of Political Sociology
FLS 5587 - SSociology of Education - Stratification and Educational Inequalities
FLS 5588 - Sociology Through Literature
FLS 5589 - Disappearing Devices: a Field under Construction between Research and Political Action

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